AXIALSCAN Prefocusing Deflection Units

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Optical Deflection ±0.393 rad; Processing Speed 10-65 rad/s; Positioning Speed 10-65 rad/s;... more
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Optical Deflection ±0.393 rad; Processing Speed 10-65 rad/s; Positioning Speed 10-65 rad/s; Max. Input Aperture 15, 20 mm; Digital Control via SL2-100, RL3-100, or XY2-100 Protocol

Raylase’s AXIALSCAN series of prefocusing deflection units offer very small spot diameters at large field sizes or processing areas, flexibility, high deflection speed, long-term stability and low drift values.

AXIALSCAN-20/-30 deflection units feature high power density in the spot, enabling new application and reduced system costs. Deflection units are designed for field sizes from 100 mm x 100 mm up to 1,800 mm x 1,800 mm. These units are available with options like motorized adjustment of the operating field steered by the stepper motor interface, high-power version with optimized Nd: YAG and CO₂ optics for up to 4 kW, as well as a high-speed version with double motor-driven Z-axis and extremely light and stiff high-performance mirrors.

The AXIALSCAN-30 DIGITAL II deflection units with the LT-II-15 digital linear translator module ensure exceptionally low drift values at 20 Bit position resolution. Heat development is greatly reduced thanks to the PWM output stages used. Thanks to optimized lenses for CO₂ wavelength and 1060 to 1070 nm, the AXIALSCAN-30 DIGITAL II HP deflection units can handle laser power up to 4 kW.

The pre-focusing deflection units of the AXIALSCAN-50 DIGITAL II series feature cutting-edge digital control electronics. Various tuning options are available, enabling application-specific adjustment of control parameters and, in combination with the SC mirrors, produce exceptional deflection speeds and dynamic values. The AXIALSCAN-50 DIGITAL II can be equipped with a range of tuning options (VC, LS and M). Default tunings are configurable.

The AXIALSCAN-FIBER 20/30 deflection systems can be easily integrated into any laser system by means of various mechanical interfaces below, to the side (robot flange is possible) and from above. The integrated fiber collimator enables connection of the laser fiber without beam path alignment. A second external protective window can be quickly and easily replaced, with optional monitoring available. Camera and welding monitoring systems can be adapted to the process light output without aberrations. The AXIALSCAN FIBER-30 is completely dust-proof and therefore ideal for use in a harsh industrial environment. Suitable mirrors are available both for high-performance welding applications with laser power in the multi-kilowatt range and for highly dynamic applications. Optical configurations are available for all standard beam parameters of lasers and their fibers.

The AXIALSCAN FIBER-50 deflection systems ensure that the laser process is highly dynamic and precise, even when the workpiece is passing under the deflection unit at varying speed. The pre-focussing deflection unit can, among other things, separate the contours of electrical connection surfaces (tabs) on batteries with precision during the foil winding process. This benefit is possible thanks to the pulsed laser beam – highly dynamic with position accuracy – that is directed from the AXIALSCAN FIBER-50 deflection unit onto the workpiece. It works with the smallest spot size on processing field sizes of between 300 x 300 mm and 850 x 850 mm.

Depending on the model, the AXIALSCAN deflection units are compatible to the XY2-100 (16 Bit) protocol, the SL2-100 (20 Bit) protocol, or the RL3-100 (20 Bit) standards. They can be digitally controlled by a control card, such as the SP-ICE-1 PCIe PRO or SP-ICE-3. Lenses, protective glass, scan mirrors, deflection mirrors and objectives with optimized mounts are available for all typical laser beam source types. We are happy to help you put together the perfect configuration for your application – get in touch with AMS Technologies to discuss your project’s requirements.

Key Features:

  • For Large Areas With Small Spot Size and 3D-Applications
  • For Applications at up to 5 kW Laser Power
  • High-speed Z-Axis With Double Motor Option (AXIALSCAN-20/-30) and Digitally Controlled (AXIALSCAN-30/50 DIGITAL II)
  • Control: Via SL2-100 Protocol 20 Bit, RL3-100 Protocol 20 Bit, or XY2-100 Protocol 16 Bit
  • Variable Processing Field Sizes: 100 x 100 up to 1,800 x 1,800 mm
  • Reduced Power Loss and Heat Development Due to Digital PWM Output Stages (AXIALSCAN-30 DIGITAL II)
  • Optimized long-term drift for highly challenging process quality (AXIALSCAN-30/50 DIGITAL II/HP)
  • Optional: Pilot laser function (AXIALSCAN-50 DIGITAL II)
  • Max. Input Apertures: 15, 20 mm
  • Optical Deflection (typ.): ±0.393 rad
  • Resolution XY2-100, 16 Bit: 12 µrad
  • Resolution SL2/RL3-100, 20 Bit: 0.76 µrad
  • Repeatability (RMS): <0.4, <2.0 µrad
  • Position Noise (RMS): <2.0, <3.2 µrad
  • Max. Temperature Drift: 8, 15 ppm/K Gain, 10, 15 µrad/K Offset
  • Long-term Drift (8 h): <50 to <100 µrad, <30, <40 µrad (Water Temperature Control)
  • Beam Displacement: 25.63 to 60 mm
  • Tuning: VC, H, M, FV, LS
  • Processing Speed: 10 to 65 rad/s
  • Positioning Speed: 10 to 65 rad/s
  • Tracking Error: 0.155 to 1.5 ms
  • Step Response Time (@1% of Full Scale): 0.54 to 1.9 ms
  • Power Supply: ±15 to ±18 VDC, 7.5 A RMS, max. 10 A, +30/+48 VDC, 4, 6 A RMS, max. 8, 10 A
  • Temperature Range: +15°C to +35°C
  • Protection: IP 54, IP64
  • Dimensions: 270 x 140 x 320 mm, 380 x 200 x 494 mm, 550 x 280 x 230 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 5.5 to 28 kg

Key Features AXIALSCAN-FIBER 20/30/50:

  • “High Power” Version for Welding in the E-mobility Market or “High Dynamic” Version for the Powder-bed Process (SLM) in Additive Manufacturing
  • 4-times Productivity by Quadruple Design With 100 % Overlapping Above the Production Panel
  • Dust-proof and Tailored to the Requirements of Industrial Powder Bed Machines
  • Easy System Integration With Direct Laser-fiber Connection and Multiple Mounting Possibilities
  • “On-Axis” Quality Control by Integrated Process-monitoring Interface (AXIALSCAN-FIBER 50)
  • Wide Range of Options for Coaxial Inline Process Control (AXIALSCAN-FIBER 50)
  • Sharp and Precise Cutting of Battery Foils (AXIALSCAN-FIBER 50)

Applications: Scribing; Cutting; Perforating; Welding; Drilling; Marking-and-processing-On-The-Fly (MOTF) Applications; Bleaching; 3D Applications; Additive Manufacturing (SLM); Packaging Industry; Micro-material Processing; Processing of Moving Parts; E-Mobility; Welding of Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cells

Product Group: Prefocusing Deflection Units
Manufacturer Series Name: AXIALSCAN
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