ASE-11 Flat Spectrum C-Band Module

ASE-11 Flat Spectrum C-Band Module OZ Optics
  • SW11732
1529-1562 nm; Output Power 13 dBm; Termination Receptacle Style, FC/PC, FC/APC, ST, SC, SCA,... more
Product information "ASE-11 Flat Spectrum C-Band Module"

1529-1562 nm; Output Power 13 dBm; Termination Receptacle Style, FC/PC, FC/APC, ST, SC, SCA, LC, MU, None; C Band; Spectrum Flatness <±0.5 dB

OZ Optics’ ASE-11 (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) broadband low-coherence light source is an ideal instrument for optical component spectral measurement and system compliance testing in manufacturing and R&D environments.

The ASE-11 source comes with a flat spectrum with peak-to-peak ripples less than 1 dB over 1529 nm to 1562 nm, which makes it very useful for optical signal-to-noise ratio and sensor interrogation applications. The unit comes with a nominal 13 dBm output power and it is provided with an internal or external monitor port. The output light is accessed via a pigtailed 9/125 μm single mode fiber. A variety of standard connector types are available. Custom connectors can also be accommodated. The unit is packaged in a low-profile OEM box with built-in driver.

Key Features:

  • High Output Power: 13 dBm
  • Flat Spectral Bandwidth With Ripple <±0.5 dB
  • Operating Wavelength Range: 1529 to 1562 nm
  • Covers C-band
  • Spectrum Flatness: <±0.5 dB
  • High Power Stability: 0.02 dB (1 h)
  • Un-polarized Output Light
  • High Performance-to-cost Ratio
  • Optional Built-in Attenuator
  • Pump TEC and Current Driver Included
  • Output Isolation: 45 dB
  • Return Loss: 55 dB
  • Termination: Receptacle Style, FC/PC, FC/APC, ST, SC, SCA, LC, MU, None
  • Internal or External Monitor Port
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to +40°C
  • Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 50 mm

Applications: OSNR Measurement; Optical Components Testing; Telecom System Compliance Testing; Optical Fiber Sensors and Sensing Systems; WDM; Biomedical Imaging; Coherent Communication Systems

Product Group: Flat Spectrum C-Band Module
Manufacturer Series Name: ASE-11
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