Highest quality aspheric optics with exceptional price/performance ratio

We have a new manufacturing partner on board, GH Optics, and are impressed by the high quality of their portfolio. If your application requires aspheric optics that meets the highest quality standards and is at the same time reasonably priced, you definitely need to take a look at the product portfolio.

The distribution agreement with GH Optics enables us to provide high-precision aspherical lensesfiber collimators and thermal imaging lenses throughout Europe.

What makes these aspherical lenses unique?

Advanced manufacturing processes for various optical glass preforms and molding of aspherical optics enable the series production of lenses with very good optical properties, reproducible high quality and at the same time an affordable price. Among the core competences of GH Optics are the processing of optical glass preforms including polishing, grinding and CNC machining, as well as precision molding of aspheric lenses. The wide portfolio of molded aspherical lenses is suitable for applications in the visible and infrared range – as individual components or pre-assembled in stainless steel holders.

Coating: both standard and customized

Using advanced technologies, GH Optics can coat components with a wide selection of materials for wavelengths ranging from 350 nm to 14 µm. The molded aspheric lenses can be coated with standard visible and NIR coatings, including four standard AR (anti reflection) coatings (VA, VB, VC, VQ) featuring average reflectance values of ≤0.6%, ≤0.5%, or even ≤0.25%, as well as with infrared coatings (RA, RB) featuring average reflectance values of <1.0% or even <0.5%. Custom coatings are available on request.

What if you need an optics that is not in the catalog? We can enable it!

Custom aspherical lenses, receptacle style fiber collimators and thermal imaging lens assemblies - from concept and definition of the specs through development and prototyping up to volume production, we at AMS Technologies have the optical knowledge and many years of manufacturing expertise to be your optics partner every step of the way. GH Optics, on its side, has a team of optical experts with many years of experience in the optical industry, and can accomplish custom requests tailored to specific application requirements.

Full set of qualification and testing capabilities

The ISO 9001 certified manufacturer uses comprehensive measuring and testing technology to ensure consistently high quality. All products supplied by GH Optics are RoHS compliant and meet the requirements of the current EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. RoHS and REACH certificates can be provided on request.

Shop online, view the portfolio or get in touch with a sales representative

The standard models of the precision molded aspheric lenses and  the receptacle style fiber collimators can be purchased in our webshop.


Click here for an overview of the portfolio of aspheric lenses (mounted or unmounted), freeform optics, thermal imaging assemblies, receptacle style fiber collimators.


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