AMS News

At Booth B2.203, AMS Technologies will showcase a range of exciting demonstrations that highlight the company's commitment to innovation and addressing industry challenges.
mRC-C-1000-100/240 is a low-noise, compressor-based recirculating chiller with a cooling capacity of 1000 W that maintains a stable cooling water temperature to within ±0.05 °C.
"mCTRL-T-20-12/55" is a low-cost miniature temperature controller. With its H-bridge output stage, the controller can drive thermoelectric coolers (TECs) or Peltier elements with currents up to 20 A and thus regulate their temperature with an accuracy of better than ±0.1°C.
Lasers are used in more and more applications – and these applications set new requirements towards their cooling. Chillers need to be lightweight and compact, to be silent, to be greener, to be maintenance-free. Discover how cooling solutions keep pace with the new developments.