AFSH/SFSH Hard Polymer Coated MM Fibers

AFSH_SFSH Hard Polymer Coated MM Fibers Fiberguide
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Multi Mode; 190 to 2400 nm; Core Diameter 200 to 900 µm; Cladding Diameter 240 to 1000 µm;... more
Product information "AFSH/SFSH Hard Polymer Coated MM Fibers"

Multi Mode; 190 to 2400 nm; Core Diameter 200 to 900 µm; Cladding Diameter 240 to 1000 µm; Coating Tefzel (Natural & Blue); Numerical Aperture 0.22

Fiberguide’s Anhydroguide™ (AFSH) and Superguide™ (SFSH) series of silica core, silica clad, hard polymer coated, polymer outer coated multi mode fibers are similar to Fiberguide’s AFS/AFM/AFH/SFS/SFM/SFH series of silica core, silica clad, polymer coated MM fibers, except there is an added layer of hard polymer on top of the silica cladding.

This hard coat serves as stable buffer layer that ensures a sufficient bond between the silica cladding and the polymer outer coating, making these fibers the ideal choice for a variety of medical applications. Other main application areas for the AFSH/SFSH series of hard polymer coated fibers are where individual or bundled large core (>50 µm) multi mode fibers are needed for the transmission of optical energy.

While the AFSH series features a low hydroxyl ion concentration (low OH) and works in the visible to IR range, SFSH variants with high hydroxyl ion concentration are suitable for the UV to visible range. Options include natural (-Z) or blue (-C) Tefzel coatings, and fibers can be provided with a broad selection of shaped tips – standard configurations as well as custom designed shapes. Shaped tip fibers provide optimum control over beam delivery and/or increased efficiency of light collection.

Some fiber types can also be end capped to achieve higher coupled power into a fiber core by reducing the power density at the air / silica interface, commonly the point of laser damage. End cap diameters and lengths are offered for select numerical apertures and fiber cores size, but can be easily customized for a variety of fiber types and specialized applications.

Additionally, all fiber types can be equipped on demand with Fiberguide’s patented RARe Motheye anti-reflective technology that enhances fiber transmission performance and significantly increases the damage threshold for your application over a large wavelength range.

Key Features:

  • Step Index Multi Mode Fibers
  • Hard Polymer Buffer Coating Layer
  • Coating: Tefzel (Natural or Blue)
  • Core / Cladding Sizes: 200/240 to 910/1000 µm
  • Wavelengths: SFSH (High OH) 19 to 1250 nm; ASFH (Low OH) 300 to 2400 nm
  • Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.22
  • Recommended Bend Radius: Short Term 100 x Clad Diameter, Long Term 200 x Clad Diameter
  • 100% Proof Test Using 4-Axis Bend Method
  • Tefzel (Natural & Blue) certified to NAMSA Class VI

Applications: Bio-Analytical Sensing; Medical Laser; Aerospace/Defense; Spectroscopy; Nuclear Plasma Sensing; Industrial Laser Systems


Product Group: Hard Polymer Coated
Manufacturer Series Name: AFSH/SFSH
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