ACP-24 Mass Connector Polisher

ACP-24 Mass Connector Polisher Nanometer Technologies
  • SW11477
Max. No. of Connectors 48; Connector Type ST, FC, SC, APC, MTP, SMA, E2000, Other; Radius of... more
Product information "ACP-24 Mass Connector Polisher"

Max. No. of Connectors 48; Connector Type ST, FC, SC, APC, MTP, SMA, E2000, Other; Radius of Curvature 7-30 mm; Apex Offset <50 µm; Undercut/Protrusion <50 nm; Back Reflection -35—65 dB; Automated Fiber Stub Removal

Nanometer Technologies’ ACP-24 is an automated connector polisher with touchscreen technology for easy use and includes an ASR automated stub removal fiber optic polisher. The ACP-24 can polish many types of industry-standard, military and custom connectors. The system easily accommodates a full range of industry standard polishing styles to accommodate single mode polish specs like PC, UPC, APC, FLAT, and DOMED.

With the ACP-24 you can automate fiber stub removal, polishing times, pressure and motor speeds for each step. Complete polishing procedures are stored inside of the ACP-24 to save time and ensure repeatability. Create, save, and recall custom polishing procedures for custom jobs. Polishing procedures can be saved to a computer for easy back-up or for transferring to another ACP-24.

The ACP-24 utilizes Nanometer Technologies’ patented figure 8 polishing pattern that creates an angle of attack on the connector end face that changes 720°, 60 times a second, giving optimal control of the connector end face geometry.

Use the ACP-24 to polish a wide variety of connectors including: ST, FC, SC, APC, MTP (up to 72 fibers), Mil 29504, Mil 38999, SMA, E2000, Radial Luxcis, T-Foca, bare fiber, bare plastic & many more. Polish a wide variety of ferrule material including all types of ceramic, glass, stainless steel, plastic, bare fiber, bare plastic, titanium & several others. The ACP-24 features a pneumatic pressure system, which allows for flexibility that is required to attain consistent accurate results

The system is compatible with all MCP-24 polishing fixtures, supporting up to 48 connectors at a time. It includes the ASR System for automated stub removal – no more removing fiber stubs by hand. ASR works with Nanometer Technologies' polishing fixtures reducing the need to purchase special fixture plates and includes built-in pre-programmed processes.

Key Features:

  • Change Polishing Times, Pressure and Motor Speed
  • Automated Fiber Stub Removal
  • Easily Create and Save Custom Polishing Procedures
  • Factory-preset Polishing Procedures
  • Touchscreen Interface for Easy Use, Touchscreen is Both Water and Chemical Proof
  • Patented Figure 8 Polishing Pattern
  • Designed for High-volume Single Mode (SM) and Multi Mode (MM) Polishing
  • Consistent High-yield Repeatable Performance
  • Works With Existing MCP24 Fixture
  • Radius of Curvature: 7 to 30 mm
  • Apex Offset: <50 µm
  • Undercut/Protrusion: <50 nm
  • Back Reflection: PC -45 dB, UPC -55 dB, APC -65 dB, Multi Mode -35 dB
  • Maximum Connector Load: 48
  • Dimensions: 368 x 375 x 356 mm
  • Weight: 16.9 kg

Applications: High-volume Polishing of Single Mode (SM) and Multi Mode (MM) Fiber Optical

Product Group: Mass Connector Polisher
Manufacturer Series Name: ACP-24
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