Acousto-Optic Multi-Channel Modulators

Acousto-Optic Multi-Channel Modulators AOMC Gooch & Housego
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Type UV, Visible; Wavelength 350-850 nm; Number of Channels 4-24; Rise / Fall Time 7-23 ns;... more
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Type UV, Visible; Wavelength 350-850 nm; Number of Channels 4-24; Rise / Fall Time 7-23 ns; Active Aperture 0.18-0.5 mm; Operating Frequency 125-350 MHz;

Acousto-optic multi-channel modulators (AOMC) allow multiple beams to be modulated or deflected independently by integrating an array of transducers with a single acousto-optic crystal. The AO multi-channel modulators manufactured by Gooch & Housego (G&H) feature reliable operation and high performance with minimized crosstalk thanks to proprietary optical and electrical designs to allow concurrent operation of up to 48 channels for modulation, and up to 8 channels for beam deflection.

Multi-channel modulators are most often used for high speed applications like micromachining and direct-write lithography, as each beam can be modulated independently. They are also used to increase throughput when writing large media by writing multiple beams at the same time. A typical multi-channel modulator has parallel beams as input, each operated on by a different transducer to modulate its intensity. Available models have 2 to 48 channels for UV through NIR wavelengths, with rise times as short as 7 ns for apertures < 1 mm. Multi-channel RF drivers are available with analog or digital modulation.

High laser damage threshold is achieved using low-scatter materials inspected to rigorous quality standards. We draw our own tellurium oxide (TeO2) and source high quality fused silica and crystalline quartz to ensure low insertion loss and excellent optical power handling.

Applications: Marking; Material Processing; Micromachining; Printing

Series Type Wavelength Number of Channels Rise / Fall Time Active Aperture Operating Frequency Optical Material Downloads
AOMC 3160-8 UV 364 nm 8 21 ns 0.18 mm 160 MHz Fused Silica Datasheet
AOMC 125-24 UV 350 - 365 nm 24 23 ns 0.5 mm 125 MHz Crystalline Quartz Datasheet
AOMC 220-5 UV 413 nm 5 16 ns 0.24 mm 220 MHz Crystalline Quartz Datasheet
AOMC 220-4 UV 350 - 365 nm 4 16 ns 0.24 mm 190 - 250 MHz Crystalline Quartz Datasheet
AOMC 300-5 UV 413 nm 5 10 ns 0.2 mm 300 MHz Crystalline Quartz Datasheet
AOMC 3350-6 Visible 350 - 850 nm 6 7 ns 0.33 mm 350 MHz Tellurium Dioxide Datasheet
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