Flush Mount Heat Pipe Based Cabinet Coolers

Flush Mount Heat Pipe Based Cabinet Coolers
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Our Flush mount compact cabinet coolers remove waste heat from sealed electrical panels and... more
Product information "Flush Mount Heat Pipe Based Cabinet Coolers"

Our Flush mount compact cabinet coolers remove waste heat from sealed electrical panels and enclosures using Noren’s specially designed heat pipe core technology. Our design dissipates heat from sensitive electronic components to the ambient air outside of the enclosure without exposing them to the harsh and dirty environment outside the cabinet. This enables the heat exchanger to lower the internal temperature of the enclosure, while also keeping an air tight seal.

These Flush-Mount heat exchangers are designed to be mounted to the outside of the enclosure. They can be mounted upright to the sides, back or to the door and do not have any components that protrude inside of the enclosure other than the power cord. They are available in UL Type 12, 3R, 4, and 4X. The UL Type depends on many factors. We recommend talking to our Thermal Management team in order to find the best unit(s) for your application.

Not every application requires a UL certified unit though. For these applications, we have many heat exchangers that have not been UL tested, but still do an excellent job of removing waste heat from electrical enclosures.

Custom Design Heat Exchangers
Depending on your unique application, you may need a specially designed heat exchanger. Our engineering team is happy to work with you to design and manufacture a custom unit, or multiple units. Custom heat exchangers are often based on our standard heat exchangers. The various attributes of the standard unit are then modified or changed in order to meet the needs of the application. Contact our Thermal Management team for more information.

Key Features:

  • Very compact and lightweight air to air heat exchangers
  • Designed for surface mounting on the outside of cabinet
  • Rated cooling: 254 W to 4,000 W at +20 °C (12.7 to 200.0 W/°C, mounted to an uninsulated cabinet of suitable size)
  • Housing is anodized aluminium (color is black). Stainless steel is available
  • Equipped with mounting gasket to maintain air tight seal
  • Environmental protection and explosions proof versions available
  • “P” units are pressure tested to assure water tight seal.
  • Available with AC (115 V & 230 V) and DC (12 V, 24 V, & 48 V) fans
  • Unit may be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Optional: inlet air-filter kit available upon request.

Applications: Analytical procedures, Data communication, Electronics cooling, High power, Power Conversion, Telecommunication, Testing and Measuring, Wind Energy

Product Group: Flush Mount Heat Pipe Based Cabinet Coolers
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