1Cure Epoxy Curing Oven

1Cure Epoxy Curing Oven Connected Fibers
  • SW11526
No. of Connectors 24-36; Resolution 0.1 °C; Accuracy ±2 °C; Max. Temperature +155 °C; Stability... more
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No. of Connectors 24-36; Resolution 0.1 °C; Accuracy ±2 °C; Max. Temperature +155 °C; Stability ±2 °C; Horizontal Curing 0°, +15°, -15°; Step-Cure Capability

Connected Fibers’ patented 1Cure is the industry’s first intelligent expoxy curing oven for both horizontal and vertical curing applications. The 1Cure oven features both soak and ramp temperature profile curing capability, a 4” full-color LCD touchscreen as well as network connectivity with remote programmability and access

The system stores up to 999 programs. The temperature of the actual connector fixture is monitored and controlled rather than the traditional method of monitoring the hot plate. This eliminates the temperature error created by the thermal offset between these two surfaces in a typical curing oven. 1Cure is also available with an optional advanced cooling system for reducing cycle times between ramp (step) cure profiles.

The ramp cure technology eliminates fiber cracking especially on larger core fibers by utilizing ramp and soak cycles. This significant advancement is useful for large-core and multi-fiber applications. It also allows to standardize on one epoxy for various applications by customizing time and temperature profiles.

The oven features a horizontal curing base with a removable 24 position fixture for MT (MPO) and a convertible lid providing cable access to a block to accommodate up to 96 single fiber termini (72 for the 1Cure-200) to cure in a vertical position. The internal 15° tilt mechanism for the horizontal cure will allow for 0° or 15° curing angle to prevent fibers from retreating during bare, buffered or ribbon fiber applications.

The 1Cure is designed by Connected Fibers to meet all industry performance and safety standards providing leading technology for the heat curing process of fiber optic termini. The oven is suited for all production environments and for all industry standard connectors and ferrules with use of heat-cure epoxies, including MT (MPO) connectors.

Key Features:

  • Step-Cure Capable
  • Cooling System Between Cycles (Optional)
  • MT or Single-Fiber Curing
  • Flat to Angled Internal Tilt for Horizontal Curing
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Integrated Thermocouple in Fixture for Ideal Calibration
  • Networkable for Remote Monitoring and Programming of Oven
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Up to 999 Programmable Cure Schedules for Various Fiber Types
  • Ramp Curing to Eliminate Fiber Cracking Especially in Multi-fiber or Large-core Fibers
  • Standardize on One Epoxy
  • Temperature Range (Hot Plate Temperature): Ambient +5 °C to +155 °C
  • Temperature Display Resolution: 4 Digit / 0.1 °C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ±2 °C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±2 °C
  • Horizontal Curing: 0°/+15°/-15°
  • Vertical Curing Capacity: 3 Blocks
  • Horizontal Curing Capacity: 24 MT Ferrule, 36 LC

Applications: Cable Assembly Fabrication; Medical; Military; Specialized

Product Group: Epoxy Curing Oven
Manufacturer Series Name: 1Cure
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