18-X Dual-clad Fiber Couplers

18-X Dual-clad Fiber Couplers Gooch & Housego
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Fused; Fiber Type DC (Nufern SM-9/105/125), MM (Nufern 105/125, 250), SM (SMF-28); 1250-1700... more
Product information "18-X Dual-clad Fiber Couplers"

Fused; Fiber Type DC (Nufern SM-9/105/125), MM (Nufern 105/125, 250), SM (SMF-28); 1250-1700 nm; Number of Legs 1x2, 2x2; SM IL ≤0.5-≤3.7 dB; Dimensions Ø2.9x50.8 mm

Gooch & Housego’s (G&H) 18-X series of fused dual-clad fiber (FDCF) couplers and optical splitters offers a high coupling efficiency for multi mode (MM) fiber over a broad wavelength range with a low wavelength dependent loss.

Light launched in the single mode core of the input single mode (SM) fiber or dual-clad (DC) fiber will transmit 100% through G&H’s 18-XXXXX-XX-XXXXX series FDCF coupler directly to the inner core of the output DC fiber, while light launched in the inner cladding of the DC fiber will couple to the multi mode (MM) fiber with at least 50% coupling efficiency depending on the core size of the MM fiber as a bigger MM fiber (i.e. 250 µm core) results in a higher coupling transmission percentage (70% or higher) to the MM fiber.

As different DC fibers have different operating wavelength ranges, proper choice of SM fiber is very important for building a high-performance FDCF coupler.

The typical 2x2 FDCF couplers have DC fiber in two opposite leads and MM fiber in the other two arms. The DC input fiber can be optionally replaced with a matching SM fiber and the MM output fiber can be terminated to form a 2x1 FDCF coupler.

Key Features:

  • Broad Wavelength Range: 1250 to 1700 nm
  • 100% Transmission for single mode (SM) Fiber Input
  • High Coupling Efficiency to Multi Mode (MM) Fiber
  • Low Wavelength Dependent Loss
  • Fiber Type: Double Clad (DC, Nufern SM-9/105/125 µm), Multi Mode (MM, Nufern 105/125 µm, Nufern 250 µm), Single Mode (SM, SMF-28)
  • Number of Legs: 1x2, 2x2
  • Single Mode (SM) Insertion Loss (IL) for Port 1 -> Port 3 (Core): ≤0.5 dB
  • Single Mode (SM) Insertion Loss (IL) for Port 1 -> Port 2 (Core): ≤2.5, ≤3.7 dB
  • Dimensions: Ø2.9 x 50.8 mm

Applications: Instrumentation; OCT Systems; Gyroscopes; Test and Measurement; Sensors

Product Group: Dual-clad Fiber Couplers
Manufacturer Series Name: 18-X
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